CPR Certify4u - Orlando
CPR Certify4u – Orlando

CPR Certify4u – Orlando is now offering a Free CPR class when you bring 2 other paid students! This is a limited time opportunity.

Other entities that offer Free classes do not provide a Certification Card. If your someone who needs to obtain or renew a real CPR/BLS Certification Card then you must be a paid student according to the American Heart Association.

We decided to help those looking for a deal; That if you bring 2 other paid students then your entry into the class is completely Free.


1.) You Must bring 2 other students who invest in the CPR Class.

2) The other 2 students must take the class when you do. In other words, this is a group deal.

Contact Us right away to take advantage of this.

CPR Certify4u – Orlando
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